Physics camp day 5

Today was our last day of camp! We played with mirrors, then put finishing touches on our cars and ran them! Most eggs survived!! Then we headed to pier 39 for laser game and mirror maze, plus some treats!

Great week with these kids!

Physics camp day 4

Circuits today! We learned the basics of what makes a circuit, then used playdoh and LEDs for some neat creations! In the afternoon we made lighted greeting cards (and some kids continued work on their crash cars). Fun day!

Physics camp day 3

Well I pretty much forgot pictures today!! We started with water rockets! We built them in the morning, and launched in the afternoon.

We walked up to he playground to see the physics of swinging, spinning and flying! Stomp rockets morphed into a feisty game of war! We stopped for liquid nitrogen ice cream on the way back!

Physics camp day 2

Today was things that crash! We learned about inertia through “magic tricks”. We used a water balloon toss to study momentum and impulse, then used our new knowledge in egg carrying devices! We did a naked (yes just the egg) drop, a soft landing with balloons and then started on our paper cars!

S2 – Days 6-8 – Beginnings of Energy

Well apparently I can’t keep up the blog daily…  so here is where we are!  We finished up momentum and did the test.  It was mostly good, except for some kids who are really struggling…  but then, they are not coming for help, so…. what can you do?

We began the energy unit with an abbreviated version of the stations we do each year – we wanted to focus more on Ek, Eg and Ee and get rid of some of the other stuff.  I think this worked out great!  We also spent some time in this class reviewing for the momentum test.

Next, we did the energy skate park phet sim.  In the past, we had a version of this that was a hold over from before I was involved  in freshman physics, and every year it seems needlessly lengthy and complicated.  So @MissMLMedrano and I decided to just let them play with the sim, and then whiteboard some claims and evidence and see where it went.  This was an excellent call!!!  They did super well with this!  We had them focus on the total energy staying constant, and the thermal energy growing and never transferring back to another column.

Next up:  BIG developing energy equations lab!


S2 – Day 5 – More practice and car crashes

Today we just did a little whiteboarding of practice 3…  I did it a little differently in each class.  By the end, I had them pairing up to re-do one on a whiteboard that they had missed.  Afterward, we had a discussion about WHY people missed certain problems.  It was almost always messing up the sign of the velocity (despite going over this 1,000,000 times…   I haven’t yet cracked how to fix this one)… the other was they kept messing up the change column (final-initial)….  not sure what to do about that either.  This is the first try using the momentum tables, so we will see if I come up with anything… overall though, I am pleased with how they are doing, and that they are being forced to work on their algebra skills!  I gave one more practice for HW and that’s it.

Next we discussed car crash safety…  I have two videos that I like to show, and we stop and talk about them.  I really like this day because I am able to give them some practical tips on staying safe in the case of an accident.

New vs Old car crash

Staying safe in a crash

Lastly, we went over the impulse equation, as derived from N2L.  We will not do quantitative impulse problems due to time (though I did make an optional challenge set and a couple of kids took them).  We will only use proportional reasoning here, since we really care about the force-time relationship…  forgot many pics today, so I will just use one of a whiteboard and the packet!