Day 23 -Interaction Stations

Today we took the acceleration quiz – I have them about 45 minutes, seemed to be enough time!

Next we really started into the Forces unit using Kelly O’Shea’s Interaction Stations…  original post I saw here, though I think there may be more current ones:

I had them go around and look at these, the first one they struggled a bit and then they got the hang of it.  I walked around and peppered questions like – What two objects did you pick? (rubber band and fishing weight)   Are they compressing, stretching or shearing?  (Stretching).  How do you know?  (I see the rubber band stretching.)  Is the fishing weight stretching?  (No.)  Hmmmmm…. and walk away.

I kept going around asking that – basically if the less-obvious object was compressing/stretching too….  (Yes the foam is compressed, I can see it indent.) Is the cylinder compressing too?  (no…  well…  maybe…. no….  no, right?)…..  this frustrated the heck out of them, which of course, I loved.  They will have to stew in that until next class!

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